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Septic Tank Cleaning & Repair

Having septic tank or lagoon problems?

Reddi Root'r of Wichita is your solution! We offer residential, commercial and industrial customers in South Central Kansas (including Wichita) a full line of quality septic services at reasonable rates. Our staff brings over 50 years of experience to every job, whether we’re installing a new septic system or lagoon, or repairing problems.

A New Septic System is Not Always Necessary.

We have developed several techniques to repair, restore, renew your old septic system, at a fraction of the cost verses a new system, and without damaging you entire lawn again! For example, our most popular septic services is Hydro Jetting lateral lines. This allows us to clean up years of sludge build up and give your system the ability to operate at its full potential again. This service requires a few small holes to be dug up in your lawn, the rest of the work is done underground, saving your lawn!

In addition, we understand routine septic tank pumping and inspection is a key component to maintaining any septic system. Reddi Root'r technicians have been providing septic services -- such as installing septic tanks and pumping services or repairing septic tanks and systems -- for years. We have established considerable expertise in solving most kinds of septic tank problems, whether related to pumping, installation or maintenance. For continued preventative maintenance, we can put your system on a routine maintenance schedule to insure you are taking the proper steps to keep you system running great! With South Central Kansas’s largest septic truck fleet, we have technicians ready to serve you. Our pump trucks range from 2000 on up to 7000 gallons of tank space, so no septic system is too small or too big.

Want to SAVE MONEY on your next septic pumping? With any septic pumping service call, if you can get a neighbor or two (within 10 miles) scheduled at the same time, we will reduce both yours and your neighbors pumping rate by 10%!

Sludge HammerAlso, ask your sales representative about SludgeHammer. The patented SludgeHammer technology has revolutionized wastewater treatment by providing a highly effective, all natural, non-toxic solution to the challenges of failed existing septic systems and the design and development of new systems in unique environments. SludgeHammer’s safe, reliable systems have been installed in residential, commercial, industrial and marine environments to satisfied customers around the world..

Septic System and Lagoon Services We Provide:

We PREVENT and SOLVE Wichita’s septic tank problems!