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Root Out Lifetime Warranty Program

Root out

With our Root Out Lifetime Warranty Program, Reddi Root’R will keep your sewer line under warranty against root obstruction for life. If you have a future backup due to tree roots, we will clean your line free of charge.

The problem

When roots of shrubbery and trees force their way into your sewer lines in search of moisture and nutrients, a stoppage will occur. Ray sewage will back up through your drains and create a highly unpleasant situation. Today, the traditional mechanical cutting method no longer will be a temporary fix.

The solution

We will cut and remove unwanted roots from your sewer lines. In turn, you flush our “ROOT OUT” through your toilet every six months. “ROOT OUT” is environmentally safe and EPA approved (EPA Reg No. 1109-19-5959).

We guarantee that if you should ever, for as long as you own your home, experience a stoppage of your sewer due to root obstruction, we will re-open your sewer free of charge. You must be an active participant in our program by applying “ROOT OUT” every six months. This guarantee only applies to stoppages caused by roots. REDDI ROOT’R must recover roots if stoppage occurs to make guarantee valid.

Why do most of our customers enroll in the Root Out program?

How Does The Program Work?