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7 Tips on Winterizing Your Home

11/11/2014 12:00:00

Feel Warm, Comfortable & Safe

As the cold winter air blasts through the area for the first time, we want all Reddi customers to feel prepared and knowledgeable on how to keep their household warm, comfortable, and safe. 

  1. Unhook hoses from all outside spickets.

  2. Schedule your sprinkler system shutdown immediatelyIf you have a lawn sprinkler system with a backflow preventer and have not winterized your system yet, wrap it in a heavy blanket or towel and cover it with a trash bag.

  3. Replace or Clean Furnace Filter to ensure efficient heating. Dirty filters prevent proper airflow and increase the demand for energy.

  4. Shut and Seal All Windows. Consider using caulking or new weatherstripping to seal up any gaps. Look closely in any corner, chimney, or where pipes and wires exist along foundation.

  5. Do Away With Door Drafts. Create the old-fashioned, easy-to-make "draft snake". Roll up an old bath towel and place at the bottom under a drafty door. Also, consider that a thermostat could be getting false readings from cool drafts of air.

  6. Shut Off All Outside Plumbing and Drain Water. Especially pipes that are exposed directly to air.

  7. Heating System Tune-Up - Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated properly, with routine adjustments will reduce energy use and can save up to 5% in heating costs.

Sprinkler Shutdown & Winterizations

10/28/2014 12:00:00

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late

Reddi offers sprinkler winterizations in Wichita, KS and surrounding areas. Our winterization service includes clearing water from the lines and shutting off the main water line. 

Typically, it is encouraged to schedule your sprinkler shutdown in mid-October before the cold weather arrives. However, if your irrigation system uses well water, it can often wait until November. The most important takeaway: Don't wait until it's too late.

If you fail to have your sprinkler system winterized and shutdown prior to the cold weather, you run the risk of freezing temperatures damaging the system. Damage from failure to winterize could result in costly freeze-ups, spontaneous activation, water damage, or cracked fittings. 

If your sprinkler system has a warranty, it is very likely damage due to lack of a winterization will not be covered. This is another reason to schedule today. Protect your warranty!

Save 10% with our Annual Agreement

Don't forget to ask about our annual program, which includes sprinkler shutdown and start-up.
Be proactive and save 10%. When the Spring air arrives- having our annual agreement ensures we are REDDI to restart your sprinklers for another green season.

Introducing Reddi HVAC with $69 Tune-Ups

10/14/2014 12:00:00

For over 40 years, Reddi has been known as one company with many services. We've consistently delivered top-notch plumbing, electrical, sewer/drain, irrigation, lawn care, and fencing services to the residents and businesses of Wichita.

Today, we are proud to introduce our newest division to the Reddi family of services: HVAC. Our heating and cooling technicians look forward to keeping you and your home safe and comfortable for many years to come.

Why Furnace Tune-Ups Are Necessary

Schedule your $69 Furnace Tune-Up Today. Limited-time offer.

Top Tips for Metal Fence Maintenance

09/18/2014 12:00:00

If you're a property owner who has a metal fence, or if you are considering installing one, it's important to know how to take care of it. Metal fences are very durable and can last for decades, but in order to keep them in good working order and aesthetically pleasing, there is some regular maintenance that you'll need to know about. Keep reading for some tips on how to take care of your metal fence.

Take Preventative Measures

If you have a steel, aluminum or iron fence, you may want to consider a protective coating to help it weather environmental hazards and keep it looking great for years to come. In many cases a properly applied coating can keep the fence in great condition for twenty years or more. There is a variety of coating options available to help resist corrosion and add a layer of color. Make sure your coating is rated for application with the specific metal your fence is made of: chemical sealants that work well for iron may not be as effective for steel, for example. If you're not sure which coating is best for your fence, speak with a professional who can help you make the right choice. Painting in addition to a coating can offer extra protection, as can simply adding a coat of wax to reduce the risk of rust.

Clean Your Fence Regularly

You don't need to clean your fence every day, but a thorough cleaning at least once a year is the best way of removing dirt and rust, and keeping your fence sparkling clean and free from harmful chemicals. Depending upon where you live and the weather, you may want to clean your fence more frequently, once or twice a season. You can clean your fence using some dish soap, a hose or a bucket of warm water, and a soft brush that won't harm your paint or coating. Cleaning a fence is a fairly easy and straightforward task, and can be a great weekend chore for the kids on a summer's day.

Inspect and Repair

While it's unlikely that your metal fence will sustain serious damage, you should inspect it regularly. During your inspection, check your fence for rusted areas, bent sections, cracks, loose or unstable footings, holes in the fence, chips in the paint and any other noticeable flaws. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, it's important to fix it as soon as possible.

To remove rust spots, simply use some sandpaper or steel wool to rub away at the rust until it's no longer visible. When you've removed the visible rust, apply some wax to the area to help reduce future corrosion. You might also want to consider re-painting, or calling a professional to help reseal the fence. If you notice any bent sections or broken areas of fence, you should contact a professional. The quicker you get the problem fixed, the lower the risk of further damage occurring.

Taking care of a metal fence isn't difficult, but it is important. Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your fence in tip top shape for years to come.

How to Make Sure Newly Seeded Lawns Get the Water They Need

09/18/2014 12:00:00

A newly seeded lawn may be full of promise, but there are precautions that you need to take to ensure that the seeds take root and mature into a lush lawn. Understanding your new lawn's needs, such as when and how to water or adjusting the sprinkler, can mean the difference between an attractive and well-maintained lawn for your property and having to invest in a costly replacement job. Maintenance on your part, especially when combined with the help of a professional lawn care team, can provide you with the lawn you always wanted that will last for years to come. Keep reading for a quick rundown of how to make sure your newly seeded lawn is getting the water it needs. 

Caring for a Newly Seeded Lawn

When a lawn is newly seeded, it requires more care and more frequent watering. The trick is to maintain a balance: you want to make sure your newly seeded lawn gets enough water, but don't want to overwhelm it with too much. During the initial few weeks after seeding, you need to be diligent in checking the moisture level of the top soil to make sure that it is neither too soggy or to dry. Watering your lawn requires a light touch and an understanding that too little or too much water will prevent the seeds from properly germinating.

It is important to do periodic checks on your newly seeded lawn both before and after the seeds germinate. You will need to make sure that you water it regularly and also check to make sure that the entire lawn is getting the right amount of water. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, check to be sure that its spray is reaching all the areas of your property evenly. If you're using a sprinkler attached to a garden hose, you'll need to be vigilant about moving the sprinkler around every time you water.

What to Avoid When Caring for Your Lawn

Although it may seem less expensive to manually water your property, the use of an automatic or installed system may be a better solution to consider, especially for a newly seeded lawn. The reason why is that, especially for a larger landscaped area, automatic sprinkler systems can be programmed to come on at specific times and run for a given period to allow you to keep your lawn watered at the appropriate time without the fear of overwatering. Automatic systems are also a more efficient way control your water flow and reduce waste and keep you from destroying your newly seeded lawn.

Your lawn is the first glimpse visitors to your property will have, so it's best to make sure it reflects well on your business or home. Through the proper care and treatment of your newly seeded lawn, you can make sure that the first impression your guests have is an excellent one. 

How Professional Sewer Line Inspection Can Help You Avoid Root Problems

09/18/2014 12:00:00

As the owner or manager of a residential or commercial property, you may be responsible for maintaining the sewer line connection to your city's waste treatment system. Keeping your sewer line free from obstructions or checking for breaks and other potential problems is of paramount importance for keeping your sewer line healthy, but there are some dangers to your sewer line you might not have considered: roots. Before you experience damage to your property as a result of roots obstructing or harming your sewer line, you should understand why it is important to enlist the services of a sewer line inspector to check your line and clear any roots or other obstructions.

Reasons for Professional Sewer Line Inspections

Some cities across the country are recognizing the need to address their aging infrastructures. This includes conducting inspections and making necessary repairs to lateral sewer lines that service the homes and businesses in the community. The recognition that aging sewer systems require this type of attention by local governments should serve as a wake-up call to you as a property owner to conduct your own professional sewer line inspection.

What a professional sewer line inspection provides you with is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that any damage or obstructions in your lines can be detected and resolved before they lead to bigger problems down the road. The saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; hiring a professional sewer line inspector will help you avoid having to either replace your sewer line connections or pay for an expensive root removal.

What Professional Sewer Line Inspections Provide

Why leave the condition of your sewer line to chance and hope that its condition is not the cause of property damage, sewage backup or damage to someone else's home or business? With professional sewer line inspections, you can rest assured with the knowledge that your home or business's sewer line connection has been properly inspected and any potential issues have been addressed. It does not matter if you have just acquired the property or are a longtime owner: getting in the habit of maintaining your sewer line is just an excellent idea.

If you have not gone through the inspection process with your home or industrial property, you need to consider why it is important to have this type of work done. The cost of having a professional sewer line inspection team come out and inspect your sewer connection is far less than the cost of a serious repair that could arise from a backed up or damaged sewer line. A professional sewer line inspection service has the tools, equipment and experience to remove any debris or other obstructions in your sewer line and prevent some long term problem from arising.

Tips for Early Fall Lawn Care

09/18/2014 12:00:00

The end of summer is a great time to get a head start in preparing your lawn for the colder weather. Early fall is the perfect time for homeowners to start investing in lawn maintenance. Why? The special weather conditions in September and October maximize the effects of aeration and overseeding. The unique combination of temperature and humidity in that stretch of time provides the perfect conditions for your turf to grow thick and robust and for grass seeds to mature. You will be able to enjoy healthier and more vibrant grass if you start caring for your lawn now. Keep reading for some tips on how to care for your lawn this fall.


Aeration is an important part of your early lawn fall care because it loosens compacted soil, which is known to hinder grass root expansion and prevent grass roots from receiving the nutrients and water they need. Aeration solves this issue by perforating the lawn with holes and loosening the soil to allow the passage of vital nutrients. Aeration is accomplished by pushing or driving a machine equipped with a roller covered with plugs or spikes across the lawn. As the aeration machine moves along, the plugs or spikes on the roller will dig into the earth, leaving imprints that open the ground for overseeding. Take care not to aerate the lawn on hot days, though—all the nutrients and water will evaporate before the grass can drink them up. In cases of hard earth, it may be helpful to first wet the turf before running over it with the machine.


Overseeding is the second stage for early fall lawn care. Overseeding is the act of eliminating unwanted plants or pests from an area of land and then reinforcing that particular patch with healthy, desirable grass seeds. However, this procedure can only be done in early summer and early fall, when conditions are right for grass seeds to mature. If you're planning on having your yard overseeded, it's best to have this done in the early fall, before the harsher weather of winter sets in.

Seed Amount and Type

Seed amount and type are crucial to successful overseeding. Planting too few seeds will leave room for undesired plants to come in and interfere with you grass development. On the other hand, planting excessive seeds could lead to overcrowding. This could cause malnutrition among the grass sprouts, causing them to mature slower and even die when the weather changes at the turn of the season.

To seed, you can either use a rotary spreader, a drop spreader, a hand spreader, or spread by hand. Make sure also to water the lawn completely right after overseeding. To ensure proper germination, it is best to water 3 to 4 times daily for at least the first several weeks.

Which seed type will be best for your lawn is totally based on the environment. For instance, athletic fields might be seeded with Kentucky Bluegrass for its durability and fast growth, whereas a home with a cool shade might use fescue grass instead. So plan before you buy your seed—will your lawn be subject to heavy foot traffic? Is it prone to drying out? Choosing the right seeds to sow will make a major difference in how your lawn turns out.

There is a time for everything, and the time for lawn maintenance and care is early fall. Don't let the harsh weather of winter take a toll on your yard. Face Mother Nature head on by contacting Reddi Industries for a competitive autumn lawn maintenance quote.

The Advantages of a Bradford White Water Heater

03/29/2014 12:00:00

If your water heater is on the fritz, you may be dreading the inevitable purchase of such a large appliance. But when you opt for an affordable water heater, such as those offered by Bradford White, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you're getting a high-quality and cost-effective option. The last thing you need on top of grocery bills, utility bills, car payments and the mortgage is another expenditure. Although replacing major appliances can be a drain on the budget, there are affordable and effective options out there that will meet your needs—without emptying your wallet.

A Staple Solution

If you're on the hunt for a quality water heater that will get the job done and last several years, you'll want to take a look at Bradford White water heaters. Bradford White offers water heaters for any fuel source, from natural gas and propane to oil and combination. Boasting the perfect price point, Bradford White sells indirect water heaters, storage tanks, accessories and even solar water heaters to suit your every household need. They also offer commercial water heaters and boilers.

Made in America

With American-made and owned appliances, Bradford White brings water heaters home, offering peace of mind in your purchase knowing the heater you're buying is made right here. These water heaters are built strong and backed by warranty. Each model is different in terms of guarantees, so check out the Bradford White warranty page to view the features for all makes and models. In general, the warranty covers the glass-lined tanks and parts for circumstances such as leakage or malfunction caused by problems with materials or workmanship.

Energy Efficiency

In today's eco-conscious world, it's important to know that you're investing in a water heater that will help you save on energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Thankfully, Bradford White offers Energy Efficiency Ratings for each model, from gas to oil to propane. The Energy Factor refers to how efficiently the water heaters perform under Department of Energy-specified tests over 24 hours. Higher numbers use less energy, which can translate to lower energy bills for you.

From power vent models to atmospheric vent models, you can't go wrong with Bradford White water heaters and boilers for your home or business. This is one decision that doesn't have to be hard! If you have questions about inventory, warranties, prices or installation, contact the Reddi Root'r Plumbing team today!